Trenchless Technology


The term Horizontal Directional Drilling or Trenchless Installation refer to a method whereby underground services are installed without the need to disturb surfaces, structures or other preexisting services. Collectively referred to as Trenchless Technology, this method basically entails the creation of an underground tunnel

large enough to accommodate whatever cables, pipes or ducts are required,

and the subsequent installation of those services.

■ Installation of services where no viable alternative exists.

 Speed of installation and project completion.

 Minimal to zero environmental or visual impact.

 Zero subsequent rectification works.

 Savings in excavation and shoring costs.

 Removes possibility of trenching related accidents.

 Faster and neater.

 Usually requiring less than half the time needed by conventional trenching and pipe jacking methods.

 Ideal for sites sensitive to surface disruptions like golf courses, airport runways, busy traffic junctions and difficult site conditions.

The main advantages of Trenchless Technology are:

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